Monday, February 14, 2011

Glitter Done Fail and Some REALLY GoodNnews

I totally bombed the Glitter done challenge!  I got it mostly clean and organized, then didn't take pictures and it's a hot mess all over again.  I don't think I was born with a clean bone in my body.  Maybe a cell or two, but surely not a bone!  So here is what she looks like now....

Now, on to the REALLY good news!!  I opened my Etsy shop last week and guess what...  I sold three items already!  Here's a picture of the very FIRST thing to be sold from my shop!  I also got my Facebook Fan Page up and running as well...go check it out to see all the latest things going on in my crazy crafty world!

 Really cool, huh?!  Now for some not so great news.  I have been banned from Trashy Tuesdays by the hubster.  He seems to think I have too many projects already, so I am not allowed to bring any more in until I finish at least HALF of the projects I have already. BOOOOOO!  I am going through withdrawls I tell ya'!  I am now busting my hump to get more projects done while still filling up my shop.  I will be putting some of the trashy treasures in the shop as I get them done, but quite a few of them are for me to keep.  I'll keep you posted and post some photos as soon as I can. 

And I haven't forgotten about the tutorial I promised either... It's in the works, but my camera puttered out on me and I am currently borrowing an AWESOME camera from a good friend.  So I promise tutorials are coming soon!

That's all I have for now!  Here's to messy hands and happy hearts all day long!

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