Thursday, February 17, 2011

Working hard!

I've been working hard the past few days!  Ok, not really, I LOVE what I do, so it's not like work at all!  I got a shipment in from the Netherlands and I'm working on a new product!  Want a sneak peek??

Wait that was my Valentine's dinner umm dessert.  Here are the right ones...

They're not finished yet, but hopefully today I can get most of them completed.  Any guess as to what I'm up to?  I plan on photographing the finished products this weekend and getting them up on my Etsy shop!  I cannot believe I get to do this for a living!  I don't think I've ever been so happy with my job!  I get to create to my hearts desire and not have it just sit around here and fill up my space (which BTW drives the hubster CRAZY  just a little nuts).  My little treasures get to go be with someone else and make them happy!

Speaking of happy, I am thrilled with your choices for my Business Card!  Number 4 seems to be the hands down favorite so far, and that is the one I worked the hardest on!  I love it that my vision is translated so well through that one!  There's still time to cast your vote for your favorite, if you haven't already!  The poll will close at 9 tonight and so will your chances to win that pretty little headband! 

Here's to Messy Hands and Happy Hearts

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