Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Awesome Table Reveal

It took months for me to finish this silly little table!  I found her on the side of the road in serious disrepair, sitting all alone in the rain.  I picked her up and brought her in out of the rain, only to realise that one of the legs was broken and almost all the seams were popped.  I thought I was in over my head with this pretty girl, she seemed to have lead a hard life, only to be thrown away.  Besides, I knew when I brought her home the husband was going to be a nay sayer.  For a little while, I thought he might be right.

I glued and I sanded, I filled and I sanded, I painted and I sanded, I painted some more and I sanded, (you getting the idea here?  Alot of sanding was involved!) I stained and I waxed and I drilled, and viola` se was finished!  Inbetween all that sanding and painting and staining, I took a very long break.  *giggle* get it, a break?  I broke my rib coughing in early January, and that put a stop to almost all my projects, including this one.  I finally felt better this last week or so, so I gave it a whirl, and she was done in no time at all.

Are you ready for the reveal??  Here she is before...

Pretty sad right?!  So now on to the good stuff!! 
Take a look at her now!

She'll be joining the craigslist party tonight, but in the meantime, I get to enjoy all her prettyness and she is making a sweet little statement in my front room.  Makes me smile everytime I walk in  there!  Until next time...

Here's to Messy Hands and Happy Hearts

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Little Something I Did Today

I've been playing with paint all day long.  I love paint!  It can take something that looks cheap and out dated and turn it into something like this....

I LOVE it!  Josh found this mirror at a storage auction in a unit he purchased this weekend.  It was a tarnished gold plastic piece of junk... and I do mean junk.  But my man is learning... he saw the potential in it and happily handed it off to me to play with.  I have to sell it to hopefully offset the cost of the unit(it was full to the top of mostly useless junk).  There was also a lamp as well as a few dozen frames... those will be hitting the Etsy shop with a major makeover in the next few weeks.  They will also help me finish my tutorial, cause I kinda gave away my finished product and forgot to photograph it beforehand.  Oops!  Look for pics tomorrow of a table I have in the works.  If I have the before pic, I'll post a before and after... If not, just a really pretty after!  Until then...

Here's to Messy Hands and Happy Hearts

Thursday, February 17, 2011

And the winner is....

Drum roll please...  you guys picked number four business card by a landslide!  It's a good thing too, cause it's my favorite! 

But seriously, I know what you're really here for!  Lucky number 12 won the headband!  Jenny Stamos is the big winner!  Please contact me with your address when you get the chance, and I'll mail out your prize! 

That's all for tonight.  I'm exhausted and so very happy! 

Here's to Messy Hands and Happy Hearts

Working hard!

I've been working hard the past few days!  Ok, not really, I LOVE what I do, so it's not like work at all!  I got a shipment in from the Netherlands and I'm working on a new product!  Want a sneak peek??

Wait that was my Valentine's dinner umm dessert.  Here are the right ones...

They're not finished yet, but hopefully today I can get most of them completed.  Any guess as to what I'm up to?  I plan on photographing the finished products this weekend and getting them up on my Etsy shop!  I cannot believe I get to do this for a living!  I don't think I've ever been so happy with my job!  I get to create to my hearts desire and not have it just sit around here and fill up my space (which BTW drives the hubster CRAZY  just a little nuts).  My little treasures get to go be with someone else and make them happy!

Speaking of happy, I am thrilled with your choices for my Business Card!  Number 4 seems to be the hands down favorite so far, and that is the one I worked the hardest on!  I love it that my vision is translated so well through that one!  There's still time to cast your vote for your favorite, if you haven't already!  The poll will close at 9 tonight and so will your chances to win that pretty little headband! 

Here's to Messy Hands and Happy Hearts

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Poll for All my Bloggy Friends

Ok, So I made it to the big time and made a sale, but I got no business cards to put with my orders.  So here's where you guys come in... I made several different samples of cards and I need help picking which one will make the cut!  I figure I'll have a little giveaway for your help!  I will choose the winner using a ramdom number generator. Rules to qualify: 1. leave a comment telling me which design you like the most. 2. friend me on my facebook fan page and leave me a comment here that you did. 3. Become a follower and leave me a comment that you did that.  4. Check out my Etsy shop and let me know which little pretty is your favorite in the comments!    There you go four chances to win yourself this pretty little headband.  Easy peasy lemon squeezy!  Oh, and I'll pick the winner Thursday night at 9 pm!  Oh, and if you leave an anonymous comment, please leave me a way to contact you if you win!

So here are the cards that made the grade so far...

Now on your mark, get set, GOOOO!!!!!

Here's to messy hands and happy hearts!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Glitter Done Fail and Some REALLY GoodNnews

I totally bombed the Glitter done challenge!  I got it mostly clean and organized, then didn't take pictures and it's a hot mess all over again.  I don't think I was born with a clean bone in my body.  Maybe a cell or two, but surely not a bone!  So here is what she looks like now....

Now, on to the REALLY good news!!  I opened my Etsy shop last week and guess what...  I sold three items already!  Here's a picture of the very FIRST thing to be sold from my shop!  I also got my Facebook Fan Page up and running as well...go check it out to see all the latest things going on in my crazy crafty world!

 Really cool, huh?!  Now for some not so great news.  I have been banned from Trashy Tuesdays by the hubster.  He seems to think I have too many projects already, so I am not allowed to bring any more in until I finish at least HALF of the projects I have already. BOOOOOO!  I am going through withdrawls I tell ya'!  I am now busting my hump to get more projects done while still filling up my shop.  I will be putting some of the trashy treasures in the shop as I get them done, but quite a few of them are for me to keep.  I'll keep you posted and post some photos as soon as I can. 

And I haven't forgotten about the tutorial I promised either... It's in the works, but my camera puttered out on me and I am currently borrowing an AWESOME camera from a good friend.  So I promise tutorials are coming soon!

That's all I have for now!  Here's to messy hands and happy hearts all day long!