Monday, February 21, 2011

A Little Something I Did Today

I've been playing with paint all day long.  I love paint!  It can take something that looks cheap and out dated and turn it into something like this....

I LOVE it!  Josh found this mirror at a storage auction in a unit he purchased this weekend.  It was a tarnished gold plastic piece of junk... and I do mean junk.  But my man is learning... he saw the potential in it and happily handed it off to me to play with.  I have to sell it to hopefully offset the cost of the unit(it was full to the top of mostly useless junk).  There was also a lamp as well as a few dozen frames... those will be hitting the Etsy shop with a major makeover in the next few weeks.  They will also help me finish my tutorial, cause I kinda gave away my finished product and forgot to photograph it beforehand.  Oops!  Look for pics tomorrow of a table I have in the works.  If I have the before pic, I'll post a before and after... If not, just a really pretty after!  Until then...

Here's to Messy Hands and Happy Hearts

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