Thursday, January 20, 2011

closet reorginazation

Ok, So I know you all desperately want to know what my crafting storage looks like.  You do, don't you?  Ya'll are just drooling over the prospect, I can feel it!  It's the holy grail of crafting closets...

 Ta Da!

Ok, ok, so it's a total disaster, I know.  But stay with me here, cause I'm gonna commit to something for a change.  I am going to "Glitter Done"!  This closet is a disaster to say the least.  Every time I have a great idea, I have to go diggin' through this hot mess to find my tools, supplies and oh yeah, the trashy piece that inspired it all.  I'll be wading through this junk treasure filled closet in search of the holy grail... or at least a clean/organized space.  Which in my life COULD VERY WELL BE the holy grail!  Stay tuned to see how it goes.  I'll be posting next Friday at Songbird's Glitter Done party!  Give it a look see!  Till then, here's to messy hands and happy hearts!  And maybe a clean craft closet too!

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