Saturday, March 12, 2011

I LOVE This Dresser!!!

I have been putting off this post, cause if I post it, it means I really do have to sell this one. When my honey brought it home, I about fell over in shock!  All I could think was "You paid HOW much for this dresser???".  It was not somethin I thought I could fix.  The sides were all warped, the drawer bottoms were brittle and broken, one of the feet was actually broken in half.  Needless to say I was less than pleased, but my honey thinks I can move mountains, so I gave it a try.  Take a look at the befores...

I started out by getting my honey to believe that the feet REALLY needed to be cut down.  There was just no fixing the broken foot.  He acted like I asked him to cut off his own foot, I think he even shed a tear or two during the act.  But, he did it, and he did it with precision.  The poor thing was starting to have some promise.

Next came the really hard part, convincing him that the dresser had to be painted.  Now my man has a serious love affair going on with wood.  He LOVES real wood.  This once very pretty dresser was a beautiful tiger oak.  The fight begins with " but isn't there SOMETHING you can do besides *gasp* PAINT it?" .  The answer was a resounding NO!  We filled the gaps in the wood, and sanded until it was like butter, but no amount of wood filler was going to make this dresser stain able.  Finally he agreed to let me paint.

And then the real work started.  The agony of paint choice!  I wanted red, but honey was a bit scared of that.  I started to paint it black, but it just lacked the punch with this particular dresser.  I then painted it a beautiful soft grey, and antiqued it with the help of a sanding sponge and a homemade glaze concoction.  I stepped back to take a look at this ugly duckling, and lo and behold, she was a beautiful swan.  I swooned... literally, it was a little warm and I hadn't been hydrating like a should. 

My wonderful husband took over from here.  He took out the old drawer bottoms and replaced them all.  He used power tools yall'~ and I was out of town.  Scary stuff.  He also put on the drawer pulls and drilled out the second holes.  This dresser was a HUGE undertaking, but in the end it was totally worth it.

Here she is in all her painted glory...

Even my honey loves it and doesn't want to let it go.  Sadly we are up to our eyeballs in dressers and he went tonight to go get more from the auction.  I'm going to have to get used to letting these things go I guess.  But after putting so much love into them, it's hard to do!

Until next time Here's to Messy Hands and Happy Hearts

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  1. It's so beautiful. Great job!

  2. I love it! All your hard work paid off and I know you'll be able to sell it.

  3. Great job and wonderful find by your husband!


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